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Training Times

Teams and Training


Development Sessions are on a Friday from 4:15 to 5:30PM and run by Sheila, Joanne and Val. 


U8/U9/U10     Coaches: Sheila, Val and Abi

                            Dolphins Manager: Kayleigh Dyer

                            Sharks Manager: Karen Roberts/Becky Molyneux

                            Training 4-6PM Wednesday at Saddleworth


U11s                   Head Coach: Bev Meek

                           Coach: Gavin Wheeldon

                           Flame Manager: Scott Chapman

                           Spark Manager: Stuart Sayer

                           Training 9 -10:30 Saturday at Saddleworth


U12s                  Head Coach: Michelle Gilbertson

                          Coach : Louise Andrew

                          Sirens Manager: Erin Spencer

                          Storm Manager: Emily Drake 

                          Storm Team Assistant: Wendy Sexton

                         Training 6-8 PM Wednesday at Saddleworth


U13/U14s        Head Coach: Abi Kennedy

                         Coach: Gavin Wheeldon

                         Thunder Manager: Linda Charlton

                         Blaze Manager: Lisa Hey

                         Training 10:30-12:30 Saturday at Saddleworth


U15/16           Head Coach: Joanne McKenna

                        Fury Manager: Janine Hirst

                        Scorpions Manager: Tiff Eglin

All training is held at Saddleworth School, Uppermill 

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