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players code of conduct


If for some reason you cannot attend training, please let your Team Manager/Coach know. Non-attendance at training will result in you not being selected for the next match; unless in exceptional circumstances.


All girls must attend training in black skort, red training top and white socks. Appropriate Trainers must be worn. Seniors who train outside may wear black leggings. Fingernails must be cut to the appropriate length and all jewellery removed. Hair must be tied back. Hydration is very important.


It is your responsibility to bring sufficient fluids to training sessions. I.e. One litre of water and one energy drink. NO fizzy drink. Also for sessions which are longer than 90 minutes, one chocolate bar/energy bar may be allowed to each session.


Registration will be taken prior to the start of each session. If you are injured or ill, please let the person who is taking the register know.


Discipline is extremely important. Any girl who is found to be disrupting training will be asked to sit out for the rest of the session. The matter will then be further discussed with your parents/guardians. If the disruption re-occurs, the matter will be reported to the committee.


Respect everyone you are training with. Intimidation towards other squad members will not be accepted and will be treated as a discipline matter. Respect your coach, and any assistant coaches.


Continued failure to listen to instruction from your coach will result in your parents/guardians being contacted and may result in you being asked to leave the club.




I realise that I have been selected as a member of the squad for my ability, commitment and hard work. As a member of the squad I will endeavour to work hard to make the Squad a success.


I will support and respect fellow Squad members at all times. I know that negative comments or intimidation towards other Squad members will not be accepted and that such comments can only demoralise a fellow member.


Squads for tournaments and County matches will be selected by the team Coach. I am fully aware and happy that if selected, I may have to share my position and in some cases player fewer games than other Squad members.


Squads for tournaments and County matches will be selected by team Coaches. I realise that such selections will be based on my performance and development during training and local league games. I will at all times respect any decisions made by my Coach or Manager. I understand that Squad selections are made to win games and not glorify individuals.

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