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Parents code of conduct

Do not force an unwilling child to participate in netball.

Remember children are involved in netball for their enjoyment not yours.

Encourage your children to play to the rules and not to argue with umpires or other officials.

Turn losing into winning by helping your child work towards skill improvement and good sportsmanship.

Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or losing a game.

Remember that children learn best by example. Applaud good play by your team and by members of the opposition.

Do not question the umpire’s decisions or honesty. Remember he/she is only human with the same feelings as you, and like you, can sometimes make an honest error.

Recognise the importance and value of coaches who are all volunteers. They give children their time and resources to provide netball for your child.

Read the rules of netball to understand better what you are watching and commenting on.

Any verbal/physical abuse from Parents, carers or supporters, towards club volunteers/Coaches/Managers will NOT be tolerated and will be dealt with by the committee

Thank the coaches, officials and other volunteers who give their time for my child and not interfere with their decisions.

Help when asked by a coach or official.

Respect that coaches may not be at every match and that at matches Team Managers are working under instruction from a coach, therefore please respect Team Managers, who are also volunteers.

Promote this code of conduct to other parents, carers and supporters

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