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managers code of conduct

In addition to the guidance laid out in the Parents Code of Conduct; in my capacity as a Team Manager I will:


Be a positive role model for netball by acting in a way that projects a positive image of my role within netball and being fair, considerate and honest with participants and officials.


Display high standards in my: language, manner, punctuality, preparation and presentation to ensure that all time spent with me by participants or colleagues is a positive experience.


As a Team Manager, seek to inspire and motivate in accordance with an individual’s abilities to enable them to play to the best of their ability and realise their potential.


Ensure that I follow instructions and comply with all health and safety regulations that apply to the role I am undertaking. This involves keeping the teams safe at matches and tournaments.


Support the teams at league matches when requested if a Coach is not available. I will follow guidance provided by the relevant coach. Support the relevant Coach in the development of the players by respecting the decisions made around team selection.


Be open to team changes for the good of the Club, and respect that team selection is the decision of the Coach, not the Team Manager. However in my role as Team Manager I will be given the opportunity to discuss with the coach any concerns I may have regarding any players.


Escalate any parental concerns to either the Club Head Coach, or the Junior or Senior Head Coach and not get drawn into any issues which parents may have.


Promote with the parents the escalation of concerns as above.

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